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Stories That Move You.

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Charlotte Milligan, Digital Marketing Specialist at Mary Free BedMy name is Charlotte Milligan and I am the digital marketing specialist at Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital. While I love all things digital, sharing patient stories is my favorite part of the job. Each time I meet with patients I’m amazed by their strength, determination, and positive attitude.

No one ever makes plans to come to Mary Free Bed, unless they find themselves in a hospital due to a sudden injury or illness, and need a place to get better. So when I see patients in one of the most vulnerable times of their life and see their resilience with a hint of humor shine through, I’m left in awe and a tremendous amount of gratitude to be part of a community organization that gives people hope.

A couple recent patient stories have a special place in my heart – Dave Meinema and Morgan Busscher. Their stories astounded me. When I saw Morgan give a speech in front of family and friends before her Stroll for Epilepsy walk, tears started running down my face because I knew I was witnessing one of her greatest achievements. I’m still so proud of you, Morgan! Dave and Marissa Meinema’s faith and perseverance is incredible. These newlyweds are handling their unexpected challenges with grace.

Mary Free Bed’s staff  members are exceptional, too. They take patient care to the next level. There are countless stories of how clinical or non-clinical employees went beyond the call of duty for a patient – from bringing coffee to a mother who spent all night watching over her son to driving a patient’s wife home because she thought she didn’t turn off the stove. Most employees don’t even think twice before making this act of kindness. It’s just part of who they are, and it permeates the Mary Free Bed culture.

Being a clinician was not in the  cards for me for my career path. Blood and needles freak me out. I am the person that has to even look away when receiving a flu shot. Digital communications suits me just fine. I enjoy managing Mary Free Bed’s website and blogs, search engine optimization, paid search, and helping out with social media. Give me a website redesign project and I’m in my element! Because I can’t provide patient care, my hope is that I can help patients give voice to their stories and share them across our digital channels to inspire future patients.

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