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Stories That Move You.


Robert Clark, an avid tennis player, awoke with a severe backache after an exhausting match the day before. His condition deteriorated from there – loss of finger, hand, arm and leg movement until Robert was completely paralyzed. His diagnosis turned out to be Guillain–Barré syndrome, a serious disorder that occurs when the body’s immune system mistakenly attacks the nervous system.

Robert had to go on life-support for six weeks but his body slowly recovered and when he was ready, he chose Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital for his recovery. “Once I got to Mary Free Bed, I really felt like I was getting somewhere. In the two years that I’ve been in this situation, that’s probably the best decision I ever made,” shares Robert.

Robert graduated from Mary Free Bed in a wheelchair, but his personal determination and the attitude that was instilled in him at Mary Free Bed, fueled his desire to walk again. Today, through his own hard work, Robert can not only walk, but run and play tennis again!

This 4th of July, Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital celebrates Robert Clark and all of our amazing patients who are working to get their independence back.

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