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Dave Meinema suffered a traumatic brain injury from a severe car accident in February 2013. His faith and hope has led him to a remarkable recovery. “It is a miracle that I’m here today,” says Dave.

Read more about Dave and Marissa’s journey on their CaringBridge page.

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5 Responses to “Faith and Hope Helps Man Recover from Traumatic Brain Injury”

  1. Joan Doezema says:

    Thank you Mary Free Bed for helping to bring Dave back to us! God is so good! – Aunt Joan

  2. Ricky says:

    AMEN! Almost the exact same thing happened to me in December of 2002. I was in a coma at Bronson for a month.

  3. Pam Mlnarik says:

    I am so proud to work for Mary Free Bed and to see Dave’s miracle. May God continue to bless Dave & Marissa in the years ahead.

  4. Shirley Visscher says:

    Almost 28 years ago our son who was 16 at the time had a car accident. He was in a coma for 13 days. Mary Free Bed staff were beyond words with compassion and encouragement. Today you can not tell that our son went “to hell and back” (that is the only way we can descript the time in our lives) he has some short term memory loss but he compensates with making sure he makes notes -same as everyone else except he is more aware of what he perceives as his shortcoming- He is married with children in college and high school. He leads a very normal life no one would ever know what he went through The healing continues year by year. God bless you Dave and family.

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